Get your Ohm on!

Personal Training at Bindi Yoga Center with Christine Bennett, CPT

Are you ready to take your fitness and wellness to the next level in conjunction with your regular yoga practice?

Are you trying to figure out a new training plan for yourself but not quite sure where to start?

Are you looking for something personalized to fit your fitness needs and need a push in the right direction?


Whether you have experience with a fitness practicum or are new to exercise and wellness, Christine Bennett is ready to hit the ground running with you! Join Christine for personal training sessions catering to YOU! 



"I hate to see people wasting time in the gym, not knowing how or where to start. Why run on the treadmill when you hate it? I want to help you find a fun, effective, workout routine that you will enjoy and look forward to doing.


I teach functional fitness because I believe it is the safest, most effective way to train and create a life-long fitness lifestyle. What is functional fitness? Simply put, it is using the muscles in your upper and lower body together to perform common exercises that mimic everyday movements such as squatting, jumping and running. For those suffering from regular back, muscle and joint pain, functional training can be extremely beneficial. Functional fitness is designed to restore your body by building strength in the muscles, ligaments and tendons that help your body move in the way it is designed to move. By getting your body back to the “basics,” chronic back, knee, neck and joint pain can all be significantly reduced. 


By combining functional fitness with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) you will quickly build strength, athleticism and stability. Most importantly, you will see the results you desire, gain a new level of confidence and take control of your diet and exercise. 


I started working out over 20 years ago, and I have tried almost every class and fitness trend out there.  For time and effectiveness, HITT/functional fitness workouts and hot yoga work for me. I love the mental and physical strength I get from each. That’s why I became an Instructor!  


In 2011 I became a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and worked with clients while getting my 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teaching Certificate, focused on Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. I have been doing both since and love it! 


Let me help you create a fitness lifestyle that will provide you a lifetime of better health."












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