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Bindi Yogis Get Their Ohm On
Bindi Yogis Get Their Ohm On
A fun and unfiltered blog created to share life experiences and advice from yogi practitioners in and outside of Bindi Yoga.
5:15 pm

A New Year for New Beginnings.

   As the new year approaches, there is something within us that compels us to try something new, be daring and courageous! That is what the new year is about right? Or maybe it is about detaching ourselves from the previous year and looking forward. It could be a little bit of both or neither...what do you think?

   To me, it is both. This is a time of the year to start reflecting on the past year, remembering the good, the bad, the mistakes, the achievements, and the people along the way. But it is also a time to let go of the past and move forward and onward. It is a time to try something you haven't done before, explore the world even if that is just within your backyard, and even pursue higher understanding or education in something you have always wanted to excel in. 

   In our yoga practice, we are taught to let go of attachments. Wether that be people, places, things, poses, etc. to bring forth true happiness and freedom. All this means is that we set an intention, we go through the motions and then we let it go once it is over with regardless of the outcome. Detachment has made my life a lot more fulfilling in several ways. For example, I have always had a very competitive side to myself. A couple summers ago I competed with my horse in a dressage competition and lost big time. It was embarrassing and I was so caught up in how bad I did that I didn't let myself detach from that loss and continued the rest of the season poorly. Not only in my riding capabilities but my behavior towards competing with my horse in general. It wasn't until our very last competition of the season that I let all of the previous horse shows go and detached myself from everything that we had done that season, that I felt proud and happy with the outcome. It felt amazing and I have no clue why I hadn't detached myself from those previous horse shows sooner! But it happens, and we forget to detach and move onward and forward. So, I pledge that we do just that in the new year. We remember last year but we take a deep inhale and exhale and let it be what it is.

   In every new year, there comes a new you. I am not saying this to be cheesy (even though it really sounds like it!) but it CAN be true if you LET it be true! The new year is supposed to be refreshing, a new page, a new that how it will be for you this year? Maybe so, maybe not. But take a look within yourself and think, "What do I want out of this year for ME?". Have you ever wanted to try skydiving, a new form of yoga, writing a book, going back to school? Then do it! YOU are the only one in YOUR way! 

   Think about what the new year means to you, that is all I ask. You have read what my new year thought process is but now it is your turn to find the tunnel for your New Year New You light to shine through.

Namaste Yogi Friends and Happy New Year!
-Michelle Marshall