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I began my yoga journey when I was 16 where I started taking Bikram style classes and needless to say I was immediately hooked. Throughout the years I became bored with Bikram yoga because of the strictness of the style and a lack of personalization/modifications as well as the philosophical aspects of Yoga. I bounced around from studios to studios trying different styles of yoga and sought after deeper meanings than just the physical benefits. I decided to push myself to attend a yoga school to satiate my hunger for more. In August of 2017 I attained my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course in Thailand, learning the 5,000 year old traditional yoga. My whole life has been transformed and I wish I had done it sooner! It is my goal to be an educator of yoga, to teach people of all levels and backgrounds that the physical benefits is just the byproduct, the goal is your mind, to bring your inner awareness to a peaceful content state. Lastly my goal in the next few years is to finish my Acupuncture and Chinese Herb Medicine degree from Bastyr and the next levels of yoga studies. Namaste~

Tifani instructs the following:
  • Hot Power Vinyasa
  • Meld movement and breath for an amazing mind-body practice. These faster-paced classes are perfect to create a strong, flexible and balanced body with fun and energetic music to keep up the energy throughout class! Room temperature is around 95 degrees, so be prepared to get your sweat on and detox the body!
    Hot Power Vinyasa classes are best suited for the yoga practitioner who has taken at least 3 Hot Yoga classes prior to their first Power class. Terminology and alignment from Hot Yoga classes is what will help build a strong but safe practice in HPV classes. Please be well hydrated prior to class, bring your own mat, towel, and plenty of water!

  • Hot Yoga
  • Our Hot Yoga classes are “Hatha” based with a flair of vinyasa. Haha comprises of postures (asana), Breath work (pranayama) and meditation (dyana). The longer posture holds help to increase both strength and steadiness of the mind and body, and also find benefits out of each asana with proper alignment cues and hands on adjustments when needed. The heat is designed to help increase muscular flexibility, sweat, and to help free your body from toxins. All levels welcome to these classes! Please bring a mat, towel, and plenty of water.
    The temperature and humidity may vary depending on class time and number of students, but we try and make the atmosphere the same for each class. We keep our heated room to around 105 degrees (Hot Power Vinyasa classes range from 95-100 degrees). We are aware that humidity can cause serious overheating and over exhaustion, therefore we opt for a dryer heat by excluding a humidifier which most hot yoga studios in the area have.
    If you have any questions about Hot Yoga at Bindi Yoga before taking a class, please let us know! All of our instructors are here to help in any way possible.