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Multiple instructs the following:
  • Child Care
  • We want to support your yoga practice by providing a child care option.  Child care providers will only be on site if there are children enrolled. Reservations can only be made by emailing Susan at
    1.  All reservations for child care must be made 3 hours prior to your class.
    2.  All reservations must be paid for at the time of booking.
    3.  All reservations are firm.  Cancellations will not be accepted for any reason and no refunds will be given.
    4.  Children must be 6 months or older.
    5.  Sick children will not be admitted.
    6.  No snacks of any kind are allowed in the kids room, with the exception of a bottle for an infant under 1 year.
    7.  Parents must bring diapers and wipes with children in diapers.
    8.  No children in the hot room, children will be admitted in the back door.
    9.  Parents are to pick up children right after class, please do not allow children to wander through hot room or other parts of the studio.
    10.  Enjoy your class!  Your child is in good hands!  If there is a problem you will be notified immediately.