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Arm Balances and Inversions

This class is taught by:

Christine Bennett

I started practicing yoga over 12 years ago. To be honest it was the HOT before the word yoga that really caught my attention. I was an avid athlete and fitness enthusiast and loved the heat. I had no idea that first class would change me forever, and I’m so grateful. I practiced as much as possible. With two kids it was a challenge but provided a much needed physical and mental break from hectic days. Using skills from my former career in banking, I began doing the books for a studio. Being around yoga on a regular basis fueled my love for the practice until I finally decided to become a teacher. I finished my CPT for fitness and yoga instruction in 2011 and love being able to share my passion with others. Life’s chaotic and not always controllable, but it’s how you handle the chaos that matters. For me practicing yoga helps prep me for life…it’s the calm in the center of the storm.
Time to get upside down!
Join Bindi instructor Christine for a 2 hour workshop geared to help you start or improve your arm balancing postures and inversions!
Let go of fear and learn:
-unique arm balances
-safety with inversions and arm balances
-prep work to get into inversions and arm balances
Leave class feeling strong and empowered!
Price: $25/person
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