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Aerial Float

This class is taught by:

Diandra Poffenroth

I started yoga a few years ago, when a free class led me to instantly fall in love with hot yoga (I had previously believed I was allergic to exercise.) After I came to Bindi, I continued to grow in my practice and was introduced to Aerial Yoga in Fall of 2014. After one class, I was addicted to the deeper stretching with the support of a hammock, the head rush of inversions and swinging, and the weightless relaxation of the best Savasana of my life. I decided to become a teacher (partly as an excuse to splurge on a hammock for home use,) and now I get to help others find their happiness in Aerial Yoga! My favorite aerial poses are bucket seat inversions and handstand. In my spare time, I like to hike, go off-roading, read, and spend time with my family.
Find yourself relaxing in an Aerial Float session!
One hour of meditation and gentle swinging in a dim room with stress-relieving music. What a perfect way to end the workweek and wind down for the weekend!
We will open the aerial room up 30 minutes before class start time for self-guided stretching.
*Please wear a shirt with sleeves or a light jacket to protect your shoulders and armpits from rubbing on the fabric.
Led by instructor Diandra.
Price: $18/person.
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