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Bindi 26

This class is taught by:

Sha S

Yoga breathes a new life into me, it is my oxygen, my food, my rest, my play, my therapy for both my body and my spirit. Take me away from it and I am a fish out of water gasping for air!
Seven years [2010] ago I took the leap to be away from my “job”, family, and comfort place to be trained to bring yoga to the many [that I can]. Life for me has never been the same since, I have been given back as much and even more as to what I gave and shared. To honor the opportunity and privilege to teach I continue to learn and grow as a teacher. After my certified Bikram teachers training in 2010, I farther my quest for yoga teaching knowledge by taking more trainings and workshops e.g. Senior Yoga workshop in Portland, Ghosh Vinyasa Flow in UK with renowned Tony Sanchez and just completed the Yoga Applied Anatomy Intensive workshop with another brilliant teacher Asha Wolf, DPT, CMA, E-RYT in Boulder Colorado. Recently, I just finished Inferno Hot Pilates Teachers training. A teacher has to grow to see his/her students grow!
Yoga practice, both postural and meditative comes in different forms, styles and lineage, doing what feels right, appropriate and joyful - that is the kind of class I want to take and the kind of class I want to bring!
Side note: I am a crazy-cat-lady in the works.
New to Bindi! This will be our version of the popular Bikram series with some slight changes to make it our own signature Bindi class! Students will be guided through a routine of 26 “Hatha” postures (asanas) that compliment each other. Build confidence, stamina, strength, flexibility and focus with our Bindi 26 series of postures and end class in a blissful savasana. This is the perfect class for beginners as well as the advanced yoga practitioner. Classes are held in the hot room with a temperature set at 105 degrees. It is very important to be hydrated before these classes because you will sweat a lot! Please bring your mat, towel, and plenty of water.