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Hot Power Vinyasa

This class is taught by:

Michelle M

(Co-Owner of Bindi Yoga)
Michelle has been teaching yoga since 2009 and has been a student yogi since she was in high school. Upon completion of high school, she went on to find a career in Exercise Science and Nutrition at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. She decided in 2010 that becoming a yoga instructor would help her to incorporate things she was learning in school as well as teaching something that she was passionate about. Not only was she certified through Yoga Works with 200 hours in 2010, but she also has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from Bastyr. In Michelle’s yoga classes you will find that she likes to incorporate and teach students about anatomy and physiology of the human body as well as making class fun and challenging to all her students. She believes yoga should be practiced very safely and believes in good alignment and positioning the body to each individual’s body type. Explore, Learn, Have fun!

Tifani C

I began my yoga journey when I was 16 where I started taking Bikram style classes and needless to say I was immediately hooked. Throughout the years I became bored with Bikram yoga because of the strictness of the style and a lack of personalization/modifications as well as the philosophical aspects of Yoga. I bounced around from studios to studios trying different styles of yoga and sought after deeper meanings than just the physical benefits. I decided to push myself to attend a yoga school to satiate my hunger for more. In August of 2017 I attained my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course in Thailand, learning the 5,000 year old traditional yoga. My whole life has been transformed and I wish I had done it sooner! It is my goal to be an educator of yoga, to teach people of all levels and backgrounds that the physical benefits is just the byproduct, the goal is your mind, to bring your inner awareness to a peaceful content state. Lastly my goal in the next few years is to finish my Acupuncture and Chinese Herb Medicine degree from Bastyr and the next levels of yoga studies. Namaste~

Christine B

I started practicing yoga over 12 years ago. To be honest it was the HOT before the word yoga that really caught my attention. I was an avid athlete and fitness enthusiast and loved the heat. I had no idea that first class would change me forever, and I’m so grateful. I practiced as much as possible. With two kids it was a challenge but provided a much needed physical and mental break from hectic days. Using skills from my former career in banking, I began doing the books for a studio. Being around yoga on a regular basis fueled my love for the practice until I finally decided to become a teacher. I finished my CPT for fitness and yoga instruction in 2011 and love being able to share my passion with others. Life’s chaotic and not always controllable, but it’s how you handle the chaos that matters. For me practicing yoga helps prep me for life…it’s the calm in the center of the storm.

Kara S

Kara has a passion for movement and anatomy. Her love of movement began with dance and extended into teaching Pilates as an apprentice at the age of 17. A few years later, she was the youngest teacher to enter and complete the certification program from the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. Kara's love of anatomy led to a certificate and career in diagnostic ultrasound but after working in the field for several years she realized how much she missed teaching movement. Kara came to yoga hoping to cope with stress, but she left with so much more: a peace and a sense of calm that she had never known before, as well as a physical challenge that was different from her previous forms of movement. After her first yoga class Kara knew she had to teach! There was no way she was going to keep this secret to herself. She completed Baptiste’s Level 1 teacher training program in 2012 and Tiffany Cruikshank’s (Yoga Medicine) 200 hour program in February of 2014. She enjoys studying various styles of Yoga from international and local master teachers. Combing love of movement and anatomical alignment, she hopes to spark and inspire joy and playfulness through her teaching. In addition to teaching, she is the owner and creator of her own custom yoga wear company, Zebra Mama Yoga.

Jeni T

“I started my hot yoga journey in 2009. After a few classes, I found it to be the first exercise I look forward to doing and the only one I miss when I can't practice. I have found my passion and its hot YOGA. I left my classes exhausted, but smiling. I kept coming back to experience that feeling of accomplishment. Now that feeling of accomplishment has become fuel in my life. I practice and teach yoga now not only for that feeling, I practice yoga because it continues to teach me about myself, how to process my thoughts, determination, patience, and relaxation. I feel healthy. I feel strong. I love yoga and yoga teaches me how to love myself.
In 2010 I attended a weekend immersion with Baron Baptiste in Canada. At that point I’d only taken a few Power classes but what I got from that weekend was extraordinary and helped me realize I wanted to teach.
In June 2011 I traveled to Mexico to complete my Level 1 Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Training. It was an amazing experience and what a gift to give myself! In 2012, I attended Level 2 Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Training in New York. In April 2013 I attended a weekend TAP program for Assisting. In May 2013 I attended another weekend immersion with Baron again where I continued to deepen my practice and my love of it. In August 2014 I traveled to Canada to complete Baptiste’s Art of Assisting program.
I had the opportunity to learn how to teach Kids Yoga in 2013. What a gift to be able to teach these young minds how to breath and move their bodies!
In June 2015 lululemon Athletica named me their Alderwood Mall Ambassador. This is a huge honor for me as it allows me to get more involved in my community and touch more lives through the practice and discipline of yoga!
In July 2015 I became a 200 hour Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor.
Outside the hot room I'm an accountant and a mother of two beautiful children. What a gift to be able to practice yoga with my husband and children. What a life! Namaste~”

Anna J

Anna is a Baptiste trained power Vinyasa yoga teacher who enjoys assisting students and teaching a challenging class but one that is accessible to yogis at all levels. Anna has additional training in sequence building, assisting, as well as arm balances and inversions. She knew when she began re-arranging her work schedule around yoga that it was time to change her focus, so left a career in book publishing to teach. She finds teaching deeply rewarding and dedicates herself to helping students find "breakthroughs", on their mat and in their lives. Anna believes deeply is the power of yoga to change your life! She lives in Kenmore with her husband, two children and best furry friend, Champ. She enjoys reading, time with friends and family, and breathing in the fresh Pacific Northwest air.

Danielle D

Danielle DeCanti Gibson took her first yoga class in 1997 and, after relying heavily on her practice to find health while managing a tricky autoimmune disorder, decided to start teaching in 2013. She’s trained in a wide scope of methods, including kundalini, yin and vinyasa. Given that foundation, her classes revolve around the trifecta of challenging, alignment oriented physical practice, devotional mantra, and blissful meditation. Whether we are sweating, chanting, or simply breathing mindfully the destination is always a state of greater connection- to ourselves, and with each other.
Meld movement and breath for an amazing mind-body practice. These faster-paced classes are perfect to create a strong, flexible and balanced body with fun and energetic music to keep up the energy throughout class! Room temperature is around 95 degrees, so be prepared to get your sweat on and detox the body!
Hot Power Vinyasa classes are best suited for the yoga practitioner who has taken at least 3 Hot Yoga classes prior to their first Power class. Terminology and alignment from Hot Yoga classes is what will help build a strong but safe practice in HPV classes. Please be well hydrated prior to class, bring your own mat, towel, and plenty of water!

Upcoming classes:

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