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About Bindi Yoga

Bindi Yoga's mission is to change the way people think about yoga.

Yoga is a restorative and therapeutic form of exercise that strengthens the body & mind. By increasing flexibility and muscle strength, yoga dramatically decreases the risk of injury in our everyday lives. Through core-strengthening exercises, lower back problems can be lessened if not eliminated. Yoga gives stability and balance to the entire body!

There is no other low impact exercises program out there that will make you feel good, burn calories, and reduce your risk of injury the way that yoga will. Not just any yoga; Bindi Yoga!

Bindi Yoga classes take place in either hot or non-heated rooms.
Hot classes - being the more intense, flowing and dynamic workouts that burn calories and detox the body.
Non-heated classes - bringing yogic practices for recovery, injury prevention, balance, and stability.
All classes are run by certified instructors that know how to make classes fun, challenging and rewarding.

Wether you are brand new to yoga, or you have practiced for many years, you will surely find a few classes that are exactly what you've been looking for!

Do something good for yourself this year and find community and family at Bindi Yoga!


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