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Samantha instructs the following:
  • Aerial Teacher Training

    Flight™ is focused on quality in the expanding field of “suspension yoga”. Instructors are trained in depth to deliver fun, safe, creative, and innovative Aerial Yoga class grounded in authentic yogic discipline. REFINE your ability as an instructor to guide your students through a unique experience. Support them to find correct alignment and increase fluidity and flexibility in their movement. Build up your student’s strength, stamina and confidence.


    • Thorough understanding of Aerial Yoga safety, alignment, embodied anatomy, modifications, hands-on assists, transitions and more -- everything you need to safely guide students through a basic Aerial Yoga class.

    • Additional poses for taking your students to the next level of challenge and deepening their practice.

    • One AERIAL ASANA manual, a complete and comprehensive resource of Basic Aerial Yoga poses adapted from classical yoga and modern aerial arts and movements.

    • Additional handouts for SELF-REFLECTION and CLASS OBSERVATION

    • A Certificate of Completion from Flight™ Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

    Anyone may apply; however, space is limited, preference will be given to those with a background in yoga, pilates, aerial, dance or movement.


    • Attendance of all 25 in-class hours of training

    • Completion of in-class and take-home assignments

    • Adequate demonstration of knowledge in all areas of Aerial Yoga, as determined by Flight™ faculty.

    Modules Include

    Principles of Aerial Alignment
    Finding and adjusting hammock heights, fabric placements, and general guidelines for moving with the fabric.

    Aerial Safety, Benefits and Contraindications
    Understand why certain conditions mean some students are better off staying grounded. Learn what you and your students should expect when beginning this practice.

    Aerial Asanas and Salutations
    Alignment, Modifications, Hands-On Assists, standing poses, hip openers, backbends, inversions and more. You will complete the course with 3 class designs to mix and match and get creative with.

    Embodied Aerial Anatomy
    An in-depth look at how the aerial hammock supports different body structures, with special emphasis on benefits and considerations for the shoulders, hips, spine and knees. Learn how to adapt poses for different body types and how to address injuries. You will also learn how to use the hammock for therapeutic applications.

    Philosophy of Flight
    Putting the ‘yoga’ back in Aerial Yoga – learn to instruct our signature meditation and stretch series in your classes; addressing fears from a yogic perspective; using your hammock as a tool for self-transformation.

    The Care and Maintenance of Your Aerial Hammock
    How to properly rig, adjust and care for your hammock and all its components.

    Mellow Flow
    Create and hold space for students craving more introspective, restorative or therapeutic Aerial Yoga classes. A slow-moving Aerial Yoga flow gently warms the body in preparation for a low-flow sequence of longer holds inspired by Yin and Restorative traditions.

    Grace in Transitions
    You will learn how to create Aerial Yoga class designs, structure and sequencing and how to introduce complete beginners to Aerial Yoga. Through practical transitions you can challenge your students without scaring them away.

    This course is instructed by Samantha Danielle.
    Samantha is a Flight™ teacher trainer with a background in many forms of aerial yoga and suspension training including Antigravity® Fitness.

    Cost:  $975 before May 10th

              $1075 after May 10th

    Payment plan available up to April 2017