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Multiple instructs the following:
  • 3 Hour Bindi Yoga Challenge!
  • Join us a A FUN AND CHALLENGING 3 hour yoga session brought to you by Bindi Yoga instructors, Christine Bennett, Anna Johnson and Michelle Marshall!
    Why 3 hours you might ask? Because we like a good challenge and the benefits are AMAZING! In a room heated to 90-100 degrees, we are cleansing ourselves from the inside out. BBBBBeing in that heat is a challenge in itself. But adding asana, vinyasa and deep stretching to the heat...well that brings pure BLISS to the mind, body and soul!
    What styles of yoga will be focused on in this class? The first hour of this class will be lead by Michelle and will focus on meditation and breathing techniques, as well as basic stretching and alignment practice (Hatha based and alignment prep for Power Vinyasa to come!). Then Christine will come in for the second hour with a fun and challenging hour of Power Vinyasa to rev those engines up internally! To finish our 3 hour session, Anna will be helping us balance with the mat below us by fusing a 1 hour Vinyasa practice with the focus on inversions, back bends and arm balances. We will close our practice with a grounding and rejuvenating Savasana!
    Is this a beginner friendly 3 hour practice? We highly recommend having prior experience in at least 3 Hot Power Vinyasa classes at Bindi Yoga (or any other hot yoga studio) before signing up for this session. This is a faster paced practice, so having a little prior practice will be very helpful!
    How hot will it be in the room? We will be holding this session in our hot yoga room, but will have the temperature around 90-100 degrees, depending on class size. Please be well hydrated before coming to the studio and have a snack available with you in case you need it. Please bring your mat, large towel and water.
    If you have questions about this session, please ask one of the above instructors (Christine, Anna, Michelle) and we will do our best to answer them!
    Cost: $25/person