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Rise & Shine Hot Yoga

This class is taught by:

Michelle Marshall

(Co-Owner of Bindi Yoga)
Michelle has been teaching yoga since 2009 and has been a student yogi since she was in high school. Upon completion of high school, she went on to find a career in Exercise Science and Nutrition at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. She decided in 2010 that becoming a yoga instructor would help her to incorporate things she was learning in school as well as teaching something that she was passionate about. Not only was she certified through Yoga Works with 200 hours in 2010, but she also has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from Bastyr. In Michelle’s yoga classes you will find that she likes to incorporate and teach students about anatomy and physiology of the human body as well as making class fun and challenging to all her students. She believes yoga should be practiced very safely and believes in good alignment and positioning the body to each individual’s body type. Explore, Learn, Have fun!

Alexis Zurdo

Alexis has been practicing yoga strongly for 8years (teaching 5years). She'd say for a life time… Yoga found her, but waited till she found the passion to share it with you! When she was a child she was always stretching and folding into awkward poses without even knowing the whole time she was doing yoga! As she got older she became inspired with dancing which led her into a more active lifestyle.

When Alexis finally came across into her journey of yoga she fell in love with how amazing, beautiful and powerful yoga was to the mind, body, heart and soul! She was finding every way to share this feeling with friends and family inviting them to join and get their own enriched feelings with their own practice… Seeing how happy people were after their practice she took her passion to the next level and became certified.

Alexis has worked with several clothing companies for community yoga events and recently traveled to Vancouver BC to help assist Eoin Finn with the grand opening of Lululemon on Robson Street. She also was a Wanderlust Whistler Yoga Presenter (teacher) for the 2014 Whistler tour and is also a part of the Wanderlust Whistler Festival in 2015. She’s been blessed to say with yoga she’s accomplished so many goals and dreams one major dream was to be able to teach in her favorite place Hawaii, she taught at the beautiful Kalani Resort in 2014 and is excited to be invited back for 2015!

She instructs multiple styles of yoga and she's been fortunate to work with multiple athletes to help better their performance and recover quicker. She is recently working with a few Offensive linemen from the NFL Seattle Seahawks and has worked with one of the largest, and most traditional, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organizations in the world Gracie Barra.

Jason Calsyn

I first started practicing yoga in San Francisco in 2003, when, as a birthday gift to myself, I decided to sign up for the introductory special at a local Bikram studio. The first class was very hard, but, after trying it a couple more times, I was hooked. I loved the feeling of being able to exercise and detoxify my body without feeling like I was doing an ordinary gym workout. Over time, I began to notice that the yoga was improving every part of my life: my emotional life improved, the spiritual part of me began to thrive, and my body felt and looked better than it ever had. I received my 200 hour teaching certification at Maui Hot Yoga in 2012, and am excited to share this practice with the world. My classes represent a hybrid of styles, and, while each class may be slightly different than the last, my intention is to provide a class which is consistently challenging, fun, meaningful, and lets you face the rest of your day with grace, confidence, and ease. I believe that yoga is a powerful tool in our journey of transformation, and I’m happy to accompany you on that journey.

Susan Rennert

(Co-owner of Bindi Yoga)
My training was done at the Yoga Tree in Freemont. I have my 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certification. Besides yoga being a big part of my life, I also share my life with my husband Jack and 4 dogs. My daughter Michelle (also co-owner) and I started Bindi Yoga together February 2011.
A yoga practice is different for everyone, you do not need to be flexible, have great balance, or have a dancers body. Anyone can do some form of yoga. I have been humbled in my own practice and reminded that just because I teach yoga doesn't mean that I can do a picture perfect pose. We all have injuries or other challenges that affect our yoga practice. I give myself a daily reminder that yoga is a lifetime practice.
Yoga invites us to explore connections with the relationship we have within ourselves. When we build on the awareness of body and breath, thoughts and emotions, we can start to really understand who we truly are. My classes are a good mix for both the experienced yogi as well as the beginner yogi. By creating a space for each yogi to feel free to move into a more challenging pose or to take it down a notch allows you to be more in control over your practice. My job is to guide you and help you achieve your goals. At anytime you feel you need additional help or guidance regarding your yoga practice, please do not hesitate to as anyone of us. We love hearing from our students! -Namaste Susan

Kim Hinzmann

I am the mother of four amazing and busy children, an over energetic border collie/beagle child and three frisky feline kiddos as well. Some days I feel like I run a zoo! I NEED yoga in my own life and I know everyone can benefit from a yoga practice in theirs! I know in my heart and soul that yoga really IS for EVERY body! Fourteen years ago I had two Doctors tell me I needed spinal surgery, discs needed to be fused which would cause a permanent loss of mobility. Thankfully I was convinced by a third Doctor and my sister to try yoga... I was immediately hooked! I never felt better, not only in my back but in my entire body and self esteem. I had more energy, was stronger than ever and lost weight quickly! I have a drive, a passion, to share this experience with everyone I can. I love to see the growth in my students, physically as well as every other aspect. I bring the love of yoga basics to students who have never had the pleasure of trying yoga as well as to intermediate and advanced students, helping with alignment and up-leveling. Always encouraging growth. I am trained in Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha style yoga. I am and will continue to be a student myself. I look forward to sharing my passion with you soon!

Leslie Whitecrow

Leslie's journey into yoga began in 2007. As an avid lover of intense physical movement Leslie thought she'd be left feeling bored and unchallenged in her first class. Wrong!! That first class kicked her butt and she's been hooked ever since. What began as a path of personal discovery has led to now teaching others. Leslie's classes are generally rather vigorous and fast paced, but it is NOT about being perfect. It's yoga practice, not yoga perfect, after all. As Leslie often says "Come fill up the mojo"

Christine Bennett

I started practicing yoga over 12 years ago. To be honest it was the HOT before the word yoga that really caught my attention. I was an avid athlete and fitness enthusiast and loved the heat. I had no idea that first class would change me forever, and I’m so grateful. I practiced as much as possible. With two kids it was a challenge but provided a much needed physical and mental break from hectic days. Using skills from my former career in banking, I began doing the books for a studio. Being around yoga on a regular basis fueled my love for the practice until I finally decided to become a teacher. I finished my CPT for fitness and yoga instruction in 2011 and love being able to share my passion with others. Life’s chaotic and not always controllable, but it’s how you handle the chaos that matters. For me practicing yoga helps prep me for life…it’s the calm in the center of the storm.

Lisa Marie Lamb

I have practiced yoga on and off since childhood and recently discovered a passion for teaching. I love sharing yoga with the Bindi community. I focus on being aware in your own body through all the poses and allowing space to play and discover on your mat. Hope to practice with you soon!

Paulo Vincent-Brown

With a lifelong foundation of Mixed-Martial-Arts and classical ballet, Paulo was drawn to Yoga for its ability to hone the body, mind, and spirit. Paulo completed his 500-hour training, in his hometown of Los Angeles, with Yogaworks. Paulo believes his physical background and intensive Yoga training has prepared him to help anyone feel better about their body and their movement. Paulo moved to Edmonds in early 2016 and is making the necessary steps to eventually attend the University of Washington’s Doctorate program in Physical Therapy. Paulo hopes to share his experience and love through Yoga while also bringing more practical knowledge of physiology that will allow students to digest the potential that correct alignment can offer. Paulo’s style is influenced by a lineage of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, but he considers himself a Slow-Flow Power Yoga teacher. It is not just about sweating and stretching; it is about exploring unknown corners of mind, body, and spirit through breath and movement.
This is your get up and go class to jump start your day! There is nothing better than starting your day with a yoga class focused on strengthening and stretching the entire body! This class is held in a room set to 105 degrees to help deepen your stretch, detox the body, and leave you feeling clean from within.