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Gentle Flow

This class is taught by:

Jo Clausen

My practice has taught me how to breathe, has allowed me to tune in and appreciate myself, it builds my confidence, heals and strengthens my body, and continually allows my mind a more compassionate, clear, and patient perspective in all aspects of my life. Yoga is an incredible gift. We are so lucky! My wish is to share the benefits of yoga like they have been shared with me, while practicing and growing together in this wonderful community. I was certified to teach through Yoga Works in February of 2015, and look forward to taking more training in the near future. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my practice in my home studio, Bindi. I strive for balance in my classes-so be ready to explore the power of breath in challenging postures, along with wonderful restorative postures and meditation. -Namaste

Susan Rennert

(Co-owner of Bindi Yoga)
My training was done at the Yoga Tree in Freemont. I have my 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certification. Besides yoga being a big part of my life, I also share my life with my husband Jack and 4 dogs. My daughter Michelle (also co-owner) and I started Bindi Yoga together February 2011.
A yoga practice is different for everyone, you do not need to be flexible, have great balance, or have a dancers body. Anyone can do some form of yoga. I have been humbled in my own practice and reminded that just because I teach yoga doesn't mean that I can do a picture perfect pose. We all have injuries or other challenges that affect our yoga practice. I give myself a daily reminder that yoga is a lifetime practice.
Yoga invites us to explore connections with the relationship we have within ourselves. When we build on the awareness of body and breath, thoughts and emotions, we can start to really understand who we truly are. My classes are a good mix for both the experienced yogi as well as the beginner yogi. By creating a space for each yogi to feel free to move into a more challenging pose or to take it down a notch allows you to be more in control over your practice. My job is to guide you and help you achieve your goals. At anytime you feel you need additional help or guidance regarding your yoga practice, please do not hesitate to as anyone of us. We love hearing from our students! -Namaste Susan

Christina Scarsorie

My first Hot Yoga class was with Michelle here at Bindi back in 2013, & it changed my life! I am forever grateful! Yoga taught me how to love myself. It made me realize that this is the only body I have, and I need to take good care of it by giving it what it needs. Through Hot Yoga alone, I lost 40lbs that I had been stuck with for too many years. I began to release toxins that had built up in my body, and I was feeling better than I ever have before. I was rearranging my schedule for yoga as it became a priority in my life. That's when I knew that Hot Yoga was for me. I had found my "Happy place", and it became my passion. In June 2016 I received my 200hr YTT Certification to deepen my practice, and to learn to express my love for yoga to others. We all strive for Samadhi- "Pure Bliss", and Yoga will get you there! I hope you join me in my Hot Yoga classes, maybe love something new about yourself, dig deep, and get sweaty with me!
 This is a great class for beginners to get their feet wet in a fluid moving class without the vigorous activity in a power vinyasa class. Learn proper technique, alignment and terminology of postures (asanas), while opening tight spaces in the body and toning the body in a very gentle way. Even seasoned yoga practitioners enjoy this class because it can fine tune their physical and mental practice on the mat.
Modern life is fast enough—your yoga doesn’t have to be. Deliberately mindful, measured movement can balance that frenzied energy. Go ahead and surrender to our soft, soothing, spirit-lifting sequences. Quiet your mind, relieve aches and soothe your soul in tranquil sessions that are designed to leave you refreshed. Classes are held in our non-heated room, but bring layers of clothing for your own comfort. Mats, bolsters, blankets, and other props are provided, or feel free to bring your own. All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome!

Upcoming classes:

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